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About Donner Acoustic Guitar
As you can see, the Donner DAG-1S is a great-looking left-hand cutaway dreadnought guitar with a gig bag, bold sound and excellent features that represent exceptional value, and features a spruce top with scalloped bracing, mahogany back and sides, chrome tuner keys, a good quality brass strings. The slim neck provide comfortable feel and excellent playability, and the smooth satin finish maximizes resonance for optimal sound quality. Tuner key is sealed tuning pegs style, alloy metal made and keep your acoustic guitar playing in tune. Bronze strings combines the medium gauge bottom strings for increased resonance and volume with light gauge top strings for more comfortable playability and single note bending. The strings starts with the highest quality wrap wire materials, precision drawn and micro-coated on our advanced proprietary machinery.


Kala Keeps It Simple
At Kala, our focus is on providing you the best possible instrument for your money. As one of the industry leaders, we know that you don’t need an excess of accessories to have fun and play ukulele. That’s why we stick to the essentials—a better instrument and a frustration free learning experience.


About Donner Mandolin
This Donner DML-1 Mandolin bundle includes all the accessories you need to start playing right out of the box. Save yourself time and money with an all-in-one mandolin bundle! The DML-1 features a mahogany body, chrome tuner keys, a good quality strings and a PVC pickguard.


This Banjo Ukulele is the affordable option for all ukulele players. Tuned GDAE, this model features a Sapele back and sides, walnut fingerboard, Includes a 3mm padded carrying bag.

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