There is considerable scientific evidence that shows how music can help second language students to acquire grammatical knowledge, vocabulary and improve spelling. Among the strengths of this tool, are the use of melodies and rhythms that facilitate the memorization of words and the use of everyday and updated language, which allows us to have a vision of the culture that produces it.



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Listening to music is, without a doubt, an easy habit to acquire and enjoy, which can be coupled to the most complicated and tight schedules, so take advantage of it as much as possible, following the following tips to use music as a tool learning:

Search in the right places

You can search for shared video sites like YouTube and Vimeo. They have vast libraries of music videos, many of which will be subtitled with the lyrics of the songs in English. In addition, these programs will be offering new options for songs according to your tastes, according to the songs you heard previously.

Select the correct songs

Choose the music you like. There is no point in learning English through songs if you really do not enjoy music. This is the fast track for boredom.

Find music that uses the right kind of language, that the song is not too easy or too difficult, and that it is in common use. Another factor that you must bear in mind is that sometimes some singers do not pronounce the words clearly. Maybe genres like reggae, heavy metal or hardcore punk are not the best options to start.

Try to find songs that tell a story as this will make it easier to understand contexts and understand the use of words.

Spend some time to “study” the songs

Google to the songs. It is not just about revising the lyrics and looking for the meaning of words that you do not know and can not deduce from the context but to look for interpretations or data about the composition of the song. This will help you to know the way of speaking of the English speakers, or at least, of this particular artist, since many times the artists choose to use metaphors or other types of literary figures to express themselves.

He sings at the top of his lungs

Do not be ashamed of not saying everything perfectly. Singing loudly will force your mouth to adopt the correct forms and move with the rhythm of the song.

Sing from memory

Try to sing the song without background music to accompany you to measure how much you remember the song and clearly hear your own pronunciation.